California 1981 Eagle Kammback hatchback FULL time 4WD  / 30 MPG

129,782 miles, all in California!   30 mpg, 6 cylinders, AC, automatic transmission, no rust!

Passes stringent CA smog testing.  Currently garaged in Los Angeles.  No smoke, no smells, clean engine + interior.

ready to drive home from L.A!

please email with questions, inquiries welcome:

details listed below

AMC eagle 1981  6 cylinder 1981AMC Eagle Kammbacktime full time 4WD white, pin stripes  30 MPG   great condition

129,872 miles, all in CALIFORNIA! VIN # 1accc5654bk173417

31 years' history of all work done on the car. Ready to drive. 

Only 129,872.8 miles on this fine car.  Clean! inside and out.  Great engine sound, and the interior VERY quiet as it came with a super sound-proofing.  One owner, non-smoker.  

Does the car look familiar? It has been to the Playboy Mansion, the Oscars, the Annies, the Grammies, the CableAce Awards, and spent a lotta time parked next to Jay Leno's hog at the Improv...yes, a genuine Hollywood star vehicle.

This 1981 Eagle has always been serviced regularly and passes the stringent California smog-only required of vehicles this age.  (every two years). 

The Autocheck report also describes this car as SX4, and it is definitely not an SX4, but is a Kammback...only made for a few years in the early 1980's. 

Paint is excellent, the accompanying pamphlet / booklet shows this model had a special paint job, many layers NO rust. Real hand-painted pin stripes are original too.

2 large doors, easy to get in.  back seat has short leg room, but good seats.  I kept covers on the seats so there are no marks or holes in the original upholstery. Split fold down back seats let you carry big items.

Original engine,  replaced radiator, good battery.

Battery has a special switch attached for easy turn off of the battery when the car is sitting.  Goodyear whitewall tires, slightly over sized. 

small spare, it is the original with jack tools, that came with the car.  Exhaust, Brakes and Shocks are top of the line with Midas, and still under Midas warrantee.

Flaws are few:
decorative rubber skirt on front and back bumpers are gone.  just crumbled.  No accidents, title is clear, no warrantees except for the Midas warantees. 

The car still has the original gas-filled rear door lifts, and they do not hold it up.  need to re-gas or get new ones.

Back seat has a drizzle of Hanna Barbera red animation cel paint.   AC is the old-style AC and works ok, but does not blast cold air.  Since you can no longer get the Freon, this might need upgrading.

A safe and FUN solid steel USA made car, the original SPORT utility vehicle!